Episode 009 – Chris Herr

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Episode 009 - Chris Herr

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In this episode we have Chris Herr who I was lucky enough to work alongside of at Shane Hurlbut's October Workshop. When I started the call with Chris we jumped right into it and left off where we were talking when I was last in LA. So, unlike other shows, there isn't much of an intro! HA! So, here's a little bio on the man behind the Movi

Chris Herr is a Local 600 Movi Operator & Coffee Snob [I made him admit to this] based in Los Angeles. Chris found his passion form film and cinematography at a young age. That passion took him from Madison Wisconsin to Los Angeles in 2013 where he met the Freefly Systems Movi. Chris ended up shooting the first major feature film on the M10 (Fathers And Daughters) and the first feature on the M15 (Straight Outta Compton). He's pushed the boundaries of the stabilizer platform both technically and artistically making it a viable time saving tool for large budget Hollywood productions.

Links Mentioned in the Episode

The Vlog
The Vlog Facebook Page

BTS from ‘Straight Outta Compton' (The Pool Shot)

Chris's Educational Videos from Hurlbut Visuals:

The Art and Science of Being a MōVI Tech
Get the Best Out of Your Dragon Sensor

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