What started off as a Facebook group, grew into the Podcast, which led me to a Newsletter and a blog. My goal for the podcast is to create a fun show that you can take a few things away from and apply immediately. The newsletter is a similar goal. Each month I put together 5-10 items that cover everything from set clothes to business to lighting to gear and all the way to health. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can by clicking here.


The Podcast

The Cinematographer’s Insight Podcast brings on professionals all over the world to hear their stories. We talk about everything from business, technique, work life balance and gear. This show is built on passion for the craft and I hope you are as inspired as I am hearing others stories.

You can view all the episodes on iTunes.

The Host

My name is Rob Ruscher and I am a Director of Photography and Camera Operator based in Pittsburgh, PA. I have been passionate about creating images ever since I first started taking pictures in high school.

I really enjoy chatting with others about this field and ways to do it better. After being inspired at NAB to start my own show, I decided to do it and link it with the Cinematographer’s Insight group that Phil Arntz and I started.

To find out more about me check out my website. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the show!