Setting Goals for 2019

How many of you have set goals for the new year and either forget about them or lose interest after about a month? If you’ve always followed through with your goals then no need to read on. Better yet, can you send me your tricks?

If you’re like me, life often gets in the way, motivation dwindles and you may just forget for long enough that you move on to something else. I was tired of this happening so I decided to create my own strategies to complete all my goals set for the new year.

First and foremost, broad goals fail. I want to make more money this year, lose more weight, be healthy, eat better, etc etc. When you think about it, those are hard to measure without real numbers or a specific measure for whether you succeeded or not. The other issue (which I used to be guilty of) was there was no time that these needed to be complete. That makes is so hard to accomplish when you give yourself the entire year. And it also makes it easier to move on from it and forget about. So lets break some of these down.

Money is usually a big one. For us freelancers it is a needed goal to keep pushing throughout the year. Lets say you want to make $100,000.00 in 2019. That rounds up to $8,334 a month, $2,084 a week. Even just doing this takes you from a year goal to a weekly and monthly goal. This also gets you a head start to see what you NEED to be charging for your time to make sure you are reaching this goal. As we all know, every month, week and day is uncertain for us. But by breaking this down monthly you can better track how you are stacking up against your goal. With this information you can determine whether to buy that new laptop, lens, or other upgrades. You can also better make that tough choice on going on a weekend getaway or staying on the grind to save money and land another job. Never an easy choice but if you have a specific money goal, this will be a tool to make those decisions. BONUS: Determine not just what you want to make, but what you want to have in your savings, 401K, etc by end of year.

I used to make goals that were for the year. And although I still have long term goals, why not set some that you can accomplish sooner and feel good about yourself? Set a goal for the first week of January, the first month, quarterly and monthly. This falls into theories about self fulfilling prophecies which I 100% believe in (more on that another day). But at a glance this means that if you set a goal that you know you can attain quickly, you will believe you can accomplish more. You do this every month and before you know it you are adding goals with the mental attitude of “If I set a goal I will accomplish it.” Take this a step further – wake up each morning and say this a few times to yourself and see how your attitude changes.

Shooting for the stars is great but why not set some easier goals as well? There’s nothing wrong to have goals in there that you know you can do. It allows you to build it up. To give you an example of what I’m doing, here are my current goals for 2019.

In the first week of January I want to train everyday. I know I can’t lift weights 365 days in a row. But, while my motivation is high I can bust out 7 days of lifting. This will help me mentally get used to making time to exercise and allow me to check off a goal. My weekly goal is to train 3-5 times a week as well as meditate 3-5 days a week for a minimum of 10 minutes. I’ll save this for another post or podcast on why meditating is so important to me. This will be a tough one but worth it if I can stick with it.

For the month of January I want to finish an Audible book. I am currently listening to Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus and Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk. Again, not a hard goal but one that needs to be completed so I can get on to another book. My monthly goal is to read 1 book per month or at least every other month.

When it comes to my overall ‘big’ 2019 goal I don’t know if I have one yet. I feel these broken down goals above will outdue anything else. Obviously I want to continue growing, getting on awesome projects and be a better man than I was in 2018 but I feel concentrating on other things and making more specific goals will get me there.

I’d love to hear any strategies you have for making goals and the specific goals you have. It is inspiring to hear what others are doing and how they’re doing it. I guess you could say my overall goal for 2019 is to build up this community even more and help get you on the path you are meant to be on.

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