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Production is stressful. There’s a lot going on beyond the work on camera that needs to get done. Locations, crew, talent, parking, food, LaCroix, and of course, all the gear. In a perfect world I have a full prep day at a rental house and go through each build I’d have on set. Unfortunately not every project allows this. That can add a bit of stress paired with a late night of building camera and testing everything out. Along with that what if you don’t have the time to get gear at a rental house or don’t have a rental house nearby? Well fear not, I have your solution.LensProToGo is an amazing resource for all of us working in photography and video production. Their website makes it super easy to find what you need. Plus prices include shipping and you can even add insurance for added piece of mind. We all like knowing exactly what things are going to cost. My favorite part of LPTG is the people. Everyone there is easy to talk to and knows their stuff. They will even call you if they feel you are missing something or if something isn’t compatible. If your shoot gets extended, they don’t kill you with late fees. You are able to call and say you need the gear a few more days and they charge you for those days.

When it comes to getting the gear, the easiest option is to get it shipped right to your door. If you aren’t going to be home during shipping hours, you can have it shipped to the nearest FedEx and pick it up there. When returning, just drop it off at a FedEx and that’s it. Each box gets shipped with tape and a return label. I honestly don’t know how they could make it easier.

The options LPTG have are insane. It is so fun looking through their site and picking out what I want and knowing exactly what it will cost. Don’t get me wrong, I love a brick and mortar rental house. I enjoy building there, adding items, losing items and hanging out with the techs. However, this isn’t always possible.

On a recent shoot I was working 6 days straight on 3 different jobs out of town. The first gig I used my camera and the production’s lenses. The second job used all of their gear minus my MoVI kit. The third job we needed lenses. Instead of opening an account with a local rental house, figuring logistics of pickup/drop off (not to mention paying someone to do it), I turned to LensProToGo and they saved the day, and a whole lot of stress.

I worked out with the production company to have the lenses shipped to them on Monday for our Wednesday shoot. This way if FedEx was delayed or if there was any issues we could get them resolved. I’ve never had an issue and this time wasn’t any different. While I’m working on another job this was being taken care of and I didn’t need to worry about it. An added bonus is I know how much pride LPTG takes with their gear and making sure everything is shoot ready. I got a text from our director that everything showed up and all lenses were there. Again, one less thing for me to stress about or even think about which allowed me to put all my focus on my current job.

Returning gear can be just as stressful when you’re dealing with a busy schedule. But all you need is someone to drop it off to FedEx with the supplied shipping label. In most cases, production handles that or a PA is paid a small amount to drop it off when the shoot wraps (most FedEx’s are open late).

So if you’re looking for a super easy and convenient way to get the gear you want on your next job, check out what they have going on at LensProToGo!

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