More Security: Salaried Job or Freelance?

When I graduated college, it was all about getting a job with a growth opportunity, health benefits and PTO. A full time, salaried job was labeled safe and secure. Let me be blunt; this is a load of shit. Maybe not in every industry, but in ours I’ve found a full time job to be unpredictable at best.

As a salaried employee you get health benefits, a constant paycheck and don’t have to to worry about all the business side of things. No invoicing, taxes are so easy, you’re not waiting on checks in the mail, there’s no lull in pay, and you’re not constantly seeking out new work. Sounds pretty good right? But who is in control of getting those contracts? Who is in control of losing those contracts? Unless you own the company, it’s not up to you.

Now with both freelance and full time, you don’t have much control over your schedule. It’s the nature of the beast. If you want to have planned vacations, weekends for yourself and even be able to plan things out at least a week in advance, time for a career change.

What I’ve found with freelance is the freedom to choose. I choose who I work for, who I bring on to work with me and when I work. This is a huge responsibility. Especially for those with a family. This balance is something I have not mastered and seems to change year to year.

You first must write out what security means to you and what will make you the happiest. I have found that a full time job is painful, more stressful and at times depressing. Freelance is stressful, challenging, and exhausting. However, freelance for me is so satisfying. The drive for work is always there and Monday is my favorite day of the week. So when it comes to security? I make my own. I’m in charge of the clients I meet and keep, the investments I make and most importantly, the mistakes I make along the way.

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