Episode 004 – Eric Kessler

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Episode 004 - Eric Kessler

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In episode 4 we talk to creator of Kessler Crane, Eric Kessler. We chat about the beginnings of Kessler Crane, the path he took with the company, an overview of the film community, and even how he views the work life balance aspect of our field.

With a passion for the film industry, Eric started assisting his friends in various productions and soon realized many of the support products for production were devoid of any new innovations and were severely overpriced. This revelation was the spark that spawned the creation of the very first Kessler Crane. One crane beget another, and it wasn’t long before the Kessler name became synonymous with quality and value in the film production industry. Demand for Kessler products grew and so did his line of products.

Now, seven years later, Kessler products are helping to revolutionize how people create video and film. To fuel his passion for the film industry, it’s now Eric’s pleasure to support a variety of different filmmakers and productions, both financially and by providing Kessler products.


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